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We live in Iowa City. Just down the street from us are numerous dealerships for just every brand of car imaginable including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW, Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, and more. Most of these dealerships have won national awards multiple years in a row. Since 1990, I’ve purchased all my cars (Chevy, Toyota, and Honda) from three of these local dealerships with an overall positive experience.

Recently we needed to purchase a new car. I’d certainly heard of Subaru, but in the past I’ve tended to buy more familiar brands. The nearest Subaru dealership (Dave Wright) is over 30 miles away. I honestly didn’t think we’d buy an unfamiliar brand vehicle from a dealership in another city.

After one visit to Dave Wright Subaru, and a test drive of the Subaru Forester, I had to really rethink things. Subaru quality is amazing. The drive is exquisite. It was the first no-pressure car shopping experience I’d ever had. Our sales person, Trent Lamb, was super patient and very knowledgeable. We got a tour of the dealership and learned that their service and sales staff have over 240 combined years of experience. We were really sold — not just on the value of Subaru, but on the benefits of working with the Dave Wright Subaru.

All I can say is this… Do yourself a favor. If you’re in the market for a new car, at least make a fully informed decision and learn about what Subaru has to offer. Read the independent reviews. Visit the Dave Wright dealership, and take a few test drives. Whatever you decide, the trip will be worth it.

We’re very pleased with our Subaru Forester. Follow-up questions have been answered promptly. It’s been an overall great experience. For us, from here onward, it’s nothing but Subaru, and nowhere but Dave Wright Subaru. Great value, huge selection, friendly staff, and knowledgeable sales people.

Greg Johnson, Iowa City