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Member Profiles

Our member profiles are a great way for club members to get to know each other, and also learn more about why people choose Subaru. Let us know if you’d like to have your profile put on our website.

Greg Johnson – Club Facilitator

20110920tu-greg-johnson“Over the years, I’ve owned Ford, Chevy, Toyota, and Honda vehicles. When it came time to buy a new car again, we looked over the offerings from these familiar brands. We decided we should also evaluate the offerings from Subaru to be sure we were making a fully informed decision. So, we took a short drive to the Dave Wright dealership which was a great experience. The dealership and buying experience was very unique, and low pressure. We tried out the Forester, and were really impressed with the performance, handling, technology, massive sunroof, and spacious interior. The boxer engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive are unique to Subaru and were kind of deal closers for us.┬áLearning more the Subaru company philosophy of continuous improvement, and their zero landfill approach to manufacturing has been inspiring. We’re really pleased with Subaru.” ~ Greg Johnson, Iowa City