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Great Subaru Service

Dave Wright – Subaru Authorized Repairs


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White Dog of Iowa City


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Tuffy Tire & Auto Service of Iowa City lists Subaru as one of many brands they work on. Check out their Subaru page for more details.

Service Tips

  1. MySubaru. If you’ve not already done so, setup your My Subaru account at MySubaru.com to help keep track of important service intervals.
  2. Proactive. Don’t wait for mechanical failures, prevent them. A Subaru repair center can provide a bumper-to-bumper assessment of your vehicle. This can help identify potential failures before they occur — making your car safer and more reliable. Also, sometimes a small preventative maintenance procedure can save money by avoiding cascading problems or accidents.
  3. Tires. Keeping your tires properly cared for can help improve your fuel efficiency and can result in better longevity and reduced wear. Check tire pressure regularly. Have your tires rotated on schedule. Consider using nitrogen instead of air in your tires. Nitrogen is more stable and less likely to leak which means your tire pressure will remain more stable.